What are the pros and cons of organizing the wedding creative photoshoot on a separate day?


Pros: location, time, atmosphere of the shoot. We don’t have to look for a nearby place, a lake, forest, or whatever, because we have a lot of time – we can go anywehere (I even love the adventurous couples who decide to organize their wedding creative to another country for example). There’s no rush, so it’s not that stressful. Since the wedding creative is about taking photos in a relaxed atmosphere, having time is invaluable. You don’t have the wedding guests waiting for you, or worrying about what they’re going to do, bored…etc. It’s good to know that on these occasions the brides don’t look like exactly the same as they do on the wedding day (I do recommend this anyway), their hair is often let out at this time, they wear comfortable shoes (even hiking boots in the woods), which again adds to the mood.

Cons: There is a separate cost, that’s a fact, and it’s definitely a con. Since we usually go to a completely new location, I have travel expenses, and – obviously – it’s extra time and energy. Also, not all couples feel like re-doing the wedding set at this time, (those who want to do exactly the same make-up and hair), so again, that”s another extra cost