How should we choose the location for the photoshoot?


For a couples and engagement photoshoots: I always advise couples, to choose a location that is important to them for some reason (first date location, engagement location…etc). My experience is that people feel more comfortable in a location that is connected to them in some way. Another option is if there is a place where you have “always wanted” to take some pictures, then come up with that plan. Third option is to ask me, I have a few lists from which I can suggest locations. And important: in case you have wilder ideas, such as going abroad, speak up! And let’s organize to go there together, I love these kind of adventures.

For family photoshoots: The first thing you want to decide is whether you want an outdoor or indoor location, and with that, whether you want to go at home, at your place, or somewhere else. Each option has its pros and cons. Whether you decide to shoot outdoors in nature or in a studio, I can recommend locations.

For portrait photoshoots there is one aspect to start with: Why would I want to do a series of photos of myself? Do I have a nice new dress? It may sound silly, but in this case you should look at locations that suits for the outfit. Or do I want some pictures of myself for my website? Then it’s better to shoot indoors/studio. Or do I just want to capture how I looked at that age? Once you have the goal of the shoot, you have the location.