How long does a wedding creative shoot take on the wedding day, and why does it matter when we start?


If you choose to have the wedding creative photoshoot on your big day, it’s worth to count with at least 40 minutes to make sure you get some nice photos of you. With less time than that, I can’t guarantee that you’ll get as many good photos as you’d like.

The start of the photoshoot is really important from more reasons. In my portfolio you will usually see images which were taken in golden hour lights, and several times not on the wedding day but on a separate day. It’s important to know that the light changes a lot throughout the day. At noon, for example, when the sun is high, the lights are “cool” and the shadows are “sharp”. If you take photos at this time of day, there are sharp shadows on the faces that cannot be removed with any post production. It is not guaranteed that I will not be able to take a photoseries in these circumstances in the same atmosphere you can find in my portfolio. The other very practical reason, (especially in case of the weddings in the summer) is that it gets very hot at midday. The grooms often wear 3-4 layers of clothing (t-shirt, shirt, vest, suit), and a wedding dress also consists of several layers. So even if we are not looking at it from a photographer point of view, it is not practical to organize the wedding creative photoshoot int he middle of the day.