Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my edited photos?

The wedding galleries are delivered in 40 working days the latest. The smaller photo galleries, are delivered in 2-4 weeks.

What does it mean that a photo is “edited”?

It is important to know that for me, retouching does not mean making someone unrecognizable. I don't make anyone’s skin/shape perfect. However, if there's a distracting pimple on a face on the big day, or a skin imperfection that's very unflattering in close-up photos, I will remove them of course. But for me, retouching is mainly about cropping and colour management.

What are the pros and cons of organizing the wedding creative photoshoot on a separate day?

Pros: location, time, atmosphere of the shoot. We don't have to look for a nearby place, a lake, forest, or whatever, because we have a lot of time – we can go anywehere (I even love the adventurous couples who decide to organize their wedding creative to another country for example). There’s no rush, so it's not that stressful. Since the wedding creative is about taking photos in a relaxed atmosphere, having time is invaluable. You don't have the wedding guests waiting for you, or worrying about what they're going to do, bored…etc. It’s good to know that on these occasions the brides don't look like exactly the same as they do on the wedding day (I do recommend this anyway), their hair is often let out at this time, they wear comfortable shoes (even hiking boots in the woods), which again adds to the mood.

Cons: There is a separate cost, that's a fact, and it's definitely a con. Since we usually go to a completely new location, I have travel expenses, and - obviously – it’s extra time and energy. Also, not all couples feel like re-doing the wedding set at this time, (those who want to do exactly the same make-up and hair), so again, that”s another extra cost

How long does an engagement photoshoot take?

Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.

What happnes if we can’t decide, do you have any ideas where we should go for a photoshoot?

Yes! Most of the time I do. I know the area around Budapest and Pécs quite well, so I have lists of places in the city centre or close to these cities. I can also send you a list of these. Besides Lake Balaton, there are other locations where I have some experience. If you want to go somewhere completely different, we can find the perfect place together.

Do you take photos abroad?

Yes! And I love to travel for my couples, I love the adventures like that. I go anywhere to capture your love!

Do you also shoot indoors, or do you only work outdoors?

I would say I like to work with natural light. I know them and I know how to use them. But I do indoor photoshoots: either at someone's home (mainly family), or there are studios where you can shoot in natural light, in beautifully decorated rooms (Nordix Photo Studio, NDustrials, The Frame Studio in Budapest).

Do you do brand photography?

Yes! I've photographed for small businesses on different subjects, different products (soap, massage...etc). It's not my main profile, but I love and enjoy challenges!

Can we get the raw photos?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. It's not a secret that a photo is not taken in the same visual world as you might see in a portfolio. I believe that when you choose a photographer, you don’t only choose someone who is just pushing the button of an expensive camera and then the client gets the images in that raw state. By choosing a photographer, you also choose an artist’s vision of the world. The mood and colour of the images are very important in a visual service. I think that a photo is only ready when it is edited.

How long does a wedding creative shoot take on the wedding day, and why does it matter when we start?

If you choose to have the wedding creative photoshoot on your big day, it's worth to count with at least 40 minutes to make sure you get some nice photos of you. With less time than that, I can't guarantee that you'll get as many good photos as you'd like.

The start of the photoshoot is really important from more reasons. In my portfolio you will usually see images which were taken in golden hour lights, and several times not on the wedding day but on a separate day. It's important to know that the light changes a lot throughout the day. At noon, for example, when the sun is high, the lights are "cool" and the shadows are "sharp". If you take photos at this time of day, there are sharp shadows on the faces that cannot be removed with any post production. It is not guaranteed that I will not be able to take a photoseries in these circumstances in the same atmosphere you can find in my portfolio. The other very practical reason, (especially in case of the weddings in the summer) is that it gets very hot at midday. The grooms often wear 3-4 layers of clothing (t-shirt, shirt, vest, suit), and a wedding dress also consists of several layers. So even if we are not looking at it from a photographer point of view, it is not practical to organize the wedding creative photoshoot int he middle of the day.

Why is the engagement photoshoot good?

There are many reasons actually.

On the one hand it's a good opportunity to meet me, to get a personal impression of me. On the other hand, you are used to being photographed. It means that neither I nor the situation is completely unknown when the wedding day comes.

How should we choose the location for the photoshoot?

For a couples and engagement photoshoots: I always advise couples, to choose a location that is important to them for some reason (first date location, engagement location...etc). My experience is that people feel more comfortable in a location that is connected to them in some way. Another option is if there is a place where you have "always wanted" to take some pictures, then come up with that plan. Third option is to ask me, I have a few lists from which I can suggest locations. And important: in case you have wilder ideas, such as going abroad, speak up! And let’s organize to go there together, I love these kind of adventures.

For family photoshoots: The first thing you want to decide is whether you want an outdoor or indoor location, and with that, whether you want to go at home, at your place, or somewhere else. Each option has its pros and cons. Whether you decide to shoot outdoors in nature or in a studio, I can recommend locations.

For portrait photoshoots there is one aspect to start with: Why would I want to do a series of photos of myself? Do I have a nice new dress? It may sound silly, but in this case you should look at locations that suits for the outfit. Or do I want some pictures of myself for my website? Then it's better to shoot indoors/studio. Or do I just want to capture how I looked at that age? Once you have the goal of the shoot, you have the location.

When should I sign up for a photo shoot?

For a wedding: as soon as possible! Many times appointments are booked 1 to 1 and a half years in advance. If you want me to be your wedding photographer, it's a good idea to book as early as possible.

For engagement photoshoots: I usually say that since I have up to 4 weeks time as a deadline from the photoshoot itself, if you want to get your images before the wedding, then the e-session should a month before the big day the latest. It's also worth scheduling this as early as possible, since anything can happen that causes rescheduling (weather, illness…etc).

For couples, family and portrait photoshoots: Good to know that I’m more flexible from October to April. The exceptions are the maternity photoshoots, as they can't be put off too long, so I always try to make time for that.

Yes! And I love to travel for my couples, I love the adventures like that. I go anywhere to capture your love!

It depends on what bad weather means. If it's raining and you want to shoot in the forest, we can reschedule of course (I try to be very flexible in this). However, if it's cloudy or foggy, we can also reschedule, but I actually love the atmosphere of this weather, so I don't usually recommend it.

Do you do event photography?

Yes, I have done it before. I mainly do exhibition openings, christenings or other family events. Concert photography is not my cup of tea.